Sales Patterns

Do you have a firm understanding of the ins and outs of your sales data? Are there different types of customers who purchase different types of products from you? In a previous career, I was involved in digging through our company’s sales data to develop a deeper understanding of what our customers bought. This was a B2B business, and we had detailed information on each customer, including their industry and location. We were able to develop profiles of different customer types and identify clusters of products that they commonly purchased. This allowed us to arm our salespeople with lists of products to focus on during sales calls. We also used this information to create promotions targeting various customer types. This helped our salespeople be more efficient, which was good for them as well as the company.

If you have the ability to link sales data to specific customers, you can also do this type of analysis to gain a better understanding of your customers and how to target them with products that they’re most likely to consider purchasing.